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Abbott, Porter. The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative
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The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative is designed to help readers understand what narrative is, how it is constructed, how it acts upon us, how we act upon it, how it is transmitted, and how it changes when the medium or the cultural context change. Porter Abbott emphasizes that narrative is found not just in the arts but everywhere in the ordinary course of people's lives. Abbott grounds his treatment of narrative by introducing it as a human phenomenon that is not restricted to literature, film, and theatre, but is found in all activities that involve the representation of events in time. At the same time, he honors the fact that out of this common capability have come rich and meaningful narratives that we come back to and reflect on repeatedly in our lives. An indispensable tool for students and teachers alike, this book will guide readers through the fundamental aspects of narrative.
H. Porter Abbott is Professor in the Department of English at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the author of The Fiction of Samuel Beckett: Form and Effect, Diary Fiction: Writing as Action, Beckett Writing Beckett: the Author in the Autograph, and editor of On the Origin of Fictions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, a special issue of the journal SubStance.


List of illustrations Preface        

Chapter 1
Narrative and life
The universality of narrative    I
 Narrative and time         3
Narrative perception         6

Chapter 2
Defining narrative       12
The bare minimum         12
Story and narrative discourse         14
The mediation (construction) of story Constituent and supplementary events Narrativity        22

Chapter 3
The borders of narrative       25
Framing narratives        25
Paratexts        26
The outer limits of narrative         27
Is it narrative or is it life itself?         31

Chapter 4
The rhetoric of narrative       36
The rhetoric of narrative         36
Causation        37
Normalization        40
Masterplots        42
Narrative rhetoric at work        46

Chapter 5
Closure       51
Conflict: the agon        51
Closure and endings         52
Closure, suspense, and surprise         53
Closure at the level of expectations         54
Closure at the level of questions         56
The absence of closure        57

Chapter 6
 Narration       62
A few words on interpretation         62
The narrator        63
Voice        64
Focalization         66
Distance        67
Reliability         69
Free indirect style         70
Narration on stage and screen         72

Chapter 7
Interpreting narrative       76
The implied author        77
Underreading        79
Overreading        82
Gaps        83
Cruxes         85
Repetition: themes and motifs         88

Chapter 8
Three ways to interpret narrative
The question of wholeness in narrative         93
 Intentional readings        95
Symptomatic readings        97
Adaptive readings         100

Chapter 9
Adaptation across media       105
Adaptation as creative destruction         105
Duration and pace         107
Character         109
Figurative language         111
Gaps        114
Focalization         115
Constraints of the marketplace        118

Chapter 10
Character and self in narra
Character vs. action         123
Flat and round characters         126
Can characters be real?         127
Types        129
Autobiography         131
Life writing as performative         134

Chapter 11
Narrative contestation
A contest of narratives         138
A narrative lattice-work         142
Shadow stories         144
Motivation and personality         146
Masterplots and types         148
Revising cultural masterplots         150
Battling narratives are everywhere

Chapter 12
Narrative negotiation
Narrative negotiation         157
 Critical reading as narrative negotiation Closure, one more time         168
The end of closure?         171

Notes         176

Bibliography         183

Glossary and topical index         187

Index of authors and narratives         198

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